Private Vacation Home Services

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Our Private Home Inspections have different tiers of service for all budgets. Inspections range from a simple walk around exterior check of the property, to full service that can include concierge services for you and your guests.

Interior Inspection

We can do weekly, biweekly, or monthly inspections. Below is a checklist of what we perform inside our properties during our home inspections

Found a leak and avoided disaster


  • Check Alarm Systems, Doors, & Windows
  • Appropriate Lights On or Off, Timers Set Per Instructions.
  • HVAC Appears Correctly Set, Adjust as Necessary, Filters Changed as Specified
  • Circuit Breakers, TV’s, & Phones Appear Normal
  • Water Heater, Water Conditioner & Well Equipment are not Leaking & Appear Normal
  • Run Water in Sinks and Flush Toilets, and Clean if Needed, Check Under Sinks for Leaks
  • Run Water in Baths & Showers to Keep Pipe Traps Full
  • Ceilings / Walls Checked for Signs of Moisture, Mildew or Mold
  • Appliances Appear Operational
  • Curtains / Window Treatments Set Per Owners Instructions
  • Re-set Clocks if Power Failure

Exterior Inspection

Here is a checklist of what we perform outside during our inspections of your property


  • Pick Up Papers, Flyers, & Misc Letters Around Entry Ways & Get Mail
  • Check for Storm / Weather Damage
  • General Landscape in Good Condition
  • Check for Signs of Intrusion/Vandalism
  • Doors & Windows Locked & Unbroken
  • Outside HVAC and Utility Equipment Appears Operational
  • Arrange for Professional Pest Control if needed
  • Blow off driveway, decks, etc. Major leaf/tree branch removal would be an extra charge
Keeping things blown off

Additional Services Available

(Additional Services available at an Extra Charge)
Check out how we can help you in addition to our usual interior and exterior home inspections


  • Home Cleaning Services (Weekly, Monthly, Pre/Post Visit, Spring Cleaning)
  • Seasonal Winterize/Summerize
  • Arrange/Oversee Repairs/Maintenance
  • Procure Quotes for Construction Projects in Owners’ Absence
  • Provide Owners with Updates on Construction Projects via Pictures & Email/Phone Calls
  • Wait on Site for Deliveries
  • Pre-Arrival Shopping
  • Water Landscape Plants/Inside Plants
  • Maintain Pool/Hot Tub
  • Landscape Service Performed: Lawn Mowing, Leaf Removal, Snow Removal, Tree-Shrub Trimming, Mulching, Tree Removal
  • Pick-Up Flowers/Chocolates for Special Occasions
  • Start and Run Cars, Schedule Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Maintenance Scheduling on Recreational Vehicles
  • Outdoor Furniture Storage or Set-Up

Here’s what our private vacation home owners are saying

” I have know Pam and Bruce Burnup for years, and in my experience they have been not only trustworthy and honest,but also go above and beyond to do things right- and with a smile. These are rare characteristics to be sure. Every client I have referred their services to have become pleased customers and big fans too. I wholeheartedly endorse their services. “

– Jason White , Realtor

” Smoky Mountain Homes Not Alone” is appropriately named. My husband and I bought a home in the Smokies a couple of years ago. We met Pam Burnup and her husband Bruce through our real estate agent. There are only 2 things you need to know about them….they are the kindest and most honest people you will ever meet. Whether you are looking for a rental in the Smoky Mountains, or own a home, I can assure you they will exceed your requirements for every detail that you are looking for. They inspect our home weekly, if there are any problems they know only the best professionals and get the problem corrected immediately. We are so pleased with this company and how hard they work to please. Housekeeper is meticulous. We are advised immediately if there are any problems. Christmas morning we had a pet emergency. I called Pam (and yes she answered) she calmly and expertly handled our emergency. I ordered appliances which could not be delivered when we were there, they came and coordinated delivery and installation.
I highly recommend Smoky Mountain Homes Not Alone! “


” I have been very fortunate to have Pam Burnup/Homes Not Alone watching over my Chalet in Gatlinburg. I never worry while I am away, as Pam and her awesome family are always on top of everything. I am notified if any repairs occur and it is taken care of very quickly. Pam is the best to give you “peace of mind” and I highly recommend her. ”

– Judy

“Pam and Bruce Burnup are wonderful to work with. They are friendly, smart, conscientious and completely trustworthy. I am glad I have them to look after my home.”

– Robin and Jeff