Our Team

Pam Burnup
After vacationing in the area for over 20 years, Pam moved to Sevier County in 2006. Pam brought with her a career of over 40 years in customer service. In working as an assistant for realtors, she discovered a need for qualified people to look after vacant property when the owners were gone. This inspired the creation of Smoky Mountain Homes Not Alone, LLC.

As the company grew, Pam took on the management of overnight rentals for owners. She sets up the property sites on Airbnb/VRBO, takes the reservations, works with guest inquires, schedules & oversees cleaners, and arranges for any needed maintenance on the properties.

Pam has achieved 5-star ratings on the Airbnb and VRBO properties she manages and achieved Premier Partner status with VRBO and Super Host with Airbnb which are both “invite only” achievements. You earn the Premier Partner and Super Host status by achieving a 5-star rated property through cleanliness, response time, reviews, website management, etc.

Sue Jacks

Sue Jacks has worked in the cleaning profession for 35 years and managed professional cleaners for 20 plus years. She started her cleaning career in 1982 in West Palm Beach, Florida and went through a 24-week training course for professional cleaners focusing on private and vacation rental homes. After working there for 5 years she moved back to her home state of Tennessee. She then started her own cleaning business with Williams Painting in the Knoxville area and had 6 employees at that time. She was responsible for a total of 75 apartment complexes which needed cleaning for upcoming rentals, and 22 private homes. After 12 years she closed the business and started taking care of 5 star rental cabins and private vacation homes in the Sevierville area which she has been doing for the last 10 years. She has been with Homes Not Alone for 5 years as a cleaner and cleaning manager, which includes inspecting every property after the cleaners clean to make sure the property is “perfect” and guest ready. She also oversees the cleaner’s schedule. She is a real asset to Homes Not Alone.