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Pam Burnup

After vacationing in the area for over 20 years, Pam, Bruce and their son Jason moved to Sevier County in 2006. Pam brought with her a career of over 40 years in customer service. Her experience in office management, purchasing, customer service and inside/outside sales gave her a great base to assist real estate agents in the Smokies.  In working as an assistant for realtors, she discovered a need for qualified people to look after vacant property when the owners were gone.  This inspired the creation of Smoky Mountain Homes Not Alone, LLC. Our company allows property owners to appreciate a variety of real estate benefits with more enjoyment and with fewer headaches trying to manage and maintain it. As the company grew, Pam has assisted some clients by taking reservations for their property through VRBO and coordinating the entire vacation rental process which includes cleaning and maintenance as well. With an eye on perfection, Pam has achieved all 5 star ratings on the VRBO properties she manages and all of those earned a Premier Partner status which VRBO has to invite you to be a part of. You earn the Premier Partner status by doing all the things you need to do to achieve a 5 star rated property such as cleanliness, response time, reviews, website management, etc. This is achieved by having a great team in place.
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Bruce Burnup

Bruce was born in Houston, TX. He lived extensively in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast as well. After graduating from Wittenberg University in OH, he began a sales career.  At that time he met and married Pam. Together they started a successful business forms company that they ran for 15 years. After selling their company, Bruce began education in building biology, green building, and other related fields.  He worked in various aspects of home construction such as; landscaping, site work, excavation, framing and remodeling. This background gives him great perspective in assessing risks to clients’ property investment.
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Jason Burnup

Jason has been visiting East TN with his family since shortly after his birth. He moved here in 2006 and graduated from Sevier County High School with a dual path in college academics and a contractor path in welding. He attended Walter State Community College and then went to work for Homes Not Alone assisting in a number of ways doing home inspection work. He then moved into property maintenance, cleaning inspections, major landscape projects, and damage prevention/minimization from weather or wildfire events.  Jason brings a unique blend of skills to our clients. As a millennial, he has an innate ability to resolve TV, computer and technology issues including security cameras. However, he has a great work ethic and a great intuitive nature that assists in averting and resolving problematic issues.  Due to his proactive phone calls at least 2 different client families escaped the wildfires that claimed 14 lives in Sevier County. Jason is a valuable asset and he brings valuable talents to help clients protect their property investment.

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