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Heaven’s Edge

4 Bed / 3 Baths

Sleeps 12

The Roost

5 Bed / 5.5 Baths

Sleeps 12

At Trails End

3 Bed / 2.5 Baths

Sleeps 9

The Creek Stone

3 Bed / 2 Baths

Sleeps 13

Evergreen Princess

3 Bed / 3 Baths

Sleeps 8

Picadilly Perch

3 Bed (+ Sleeper) / 3.5 Baths

Sleeps 8

Cabin In The Sky

2 Bed / 2 Baths

Sleeps 8

Grey Fox

3 Bed / 4 Baths

Sleeps 6

Smokies Country Getaway

3 Bed / 2 Baths

Sleeps 7

Smoky High House

3 Bed / 3.5 Baths

Sleeps 12

Reasons to use Homes Not Alone


  • Our Cleaning manager inspects after each cleaning and property manager, Pam Burnup oversees the cleaning and maintenance of the property to be sure it is “perfect” for our/your guests
  • During our slow months it gives us a chance to deep clean and attend to any maintenance issues so it is always fresh and ready to enjoy
  • We use local contractors that are dependable to provide the best quality of service for any issues or projects in a timely manner

``I vacationed in the Smokies for 20 years prior to moving here. I feel my experience as a guest helps to provide top notch service and quality to our home owners and their guests.`` - Pam Burnup